A Social Enterprising Network

where you can empower your community, group, club, team, crew or class to fund and effect change while they buy, sell & communicate online.


Things you can do on our Platform!
Create a MarketPlace

inside your community or business where you can trade and direct a portion of funds to support the campaigns or causes you’ve created or care about.

Create Communties of Empowerment

for driving local change through online trade, where they can buy & sell while supporting a collective goal.

List your Local Business in the Directory

and showcase your social footprint, by connecting your marketplace with specific community building projects.

Crowdsource funds, ideas, skillsets

for your next community project or local cause. Members can link your campaign to their online trade and direct a portion of their sale proceeds to help fund your good work.

Find or Freelance

your way into work on your community or business Job Board. List your Resume for others to source and recruit new talent and skills.

Use a variety of engagement tools

such as video, forums, audio, file sharing, blogs, challenges, dynamic forms & polls making it easy to share information and keep your community active.

Collaborate, co-ordinate and communicate

with your community, group, club, team, crew or class. Organize member types and tasks into your own custom and secure networked space.

Streamline communication into sub groups or pods

within your community by sharing specific information relevant to them.

Promote your Event

buy and sell tickets online with the option to send a portion from each sale straight to your worthy cause.

Manage volunteer or staff signups, bookings and rosters

using a group calendar inside your community. Make it easy to recruit help and support your crew.

The Intelligent Way To Trade

Invite your school or community to experience a SHIFT in how they trade and communicate.

Trade to Change

Create a custom online marketplace for your school or community to channel a portion of their sale proceeds into your next fundraiser or worthy goal.

By linking online trade with campaigns you create, your community can fund and promote the changes they wish to see.

It’s a way to crowdfund new projects and acquire additional resources for your school when you enable families to buy, swap or sell whatever they need to help with schooling such as uniforms, text books, sporting gear, musical instruments, computers, devices, clothes or anything else worth trading.

You can also invite local businesses to link their online sales with your school or community marketplace, to help power your projects while supporting everything local.

Start your own social enterprising network today and SHIFT the way you trade to fund the changes you want to make.

Trading Tools


    Create a market place inside your custom community to trade within local areas, universities, schools, sports clubs, trading or social groups. Buy & sell anything you need between members or the broader public using Auctions, Buy Now, Flash Sales or Store selling formats.


    Create, market and manage your community events. Sell tickets online with the option of sending a portion from each sale to your local campaign or worthy cause. Crowdsource with any event, while you’re having fun.


    Build your business while empowering your community by selling products linked to local causes. Connect business activities with community projects to create social enterprises who care. Post in the Job Board and upload your Resumes to explore new opportunities in local community groups.


    Create and link Campaigns to online trade to fund new projects & improvements for your community. Build a following and share the journey with progress updates and stories about the impact they’re support is making.


    Build custom communities and pods (sub groups) to coordinate, communicate & collaborate activities and engagement within your tribe.